Sunday, 30 August 2015

Improvised musc session excerpt

Recording session excerpt

Truce song writing collaboration

The Craft!

Working with Danny 'Falz' Fahey in the studio was great for us this term. He has over 20 years of experience in making recorded music and while he doesn't have all of the technical production skills a digital producer like Liam or Wobz does, what he does have is the right direction on timing, arrangement and is great at facilitating and supporting new ideas in lyric writing and teaching the craft, putting together songs that have that thing you just cant put your finger on..


 Studio culture can be very male dominated and sometimes be intimidating for young women who want to take part in producing digital music or MC culture. Media Drop is always inviting of female talent and have Ruby Anne as one of our facilitators really did a lot to support young artists like Melika and so many other female participants this term to get stuck in and enjoy themselves. 

Collaboration is key

Its been great to have new members arrive at our sessions from other music groups in the city, theres been so much to share and some really unique collaborations have taken place. Here we see Truce who has visited us from the Bare Noize project after hearing about Media Drop writing a song with another new participant. 

Media Drop Summer 2015

Media drop this term throughout summer focused on not just Studio experiences but also on vocal and acoustic, we worked with singer and songwriter Ruby-Anne Patterson and artist and project manager Danny 'Falz' Fahey as well as up and coming producers and MC's Wobz and Liam who used Logic X and Reason to record the work created.