Thursday, 17 May 2012

IDAHO at Media Drop....

Here we are again for another Media Drop sesh!!!

Yesterday was super productive including making a video diary, creating an original beat (Metroddome and John on guitar) and writing and recording and then we finished off with a freestyle video which saw each person spit FIRE. The beat was very dark/sinister and what tend to do during the creative process is get each person to write one word on a piece of paper and then decide on a topic. Yesterday we decided the song should be called "nightmare". You will have to wait and see what the outcome was but trussssst me its gritty!!!

Today we're going to be finishing off and tidying up all of the songs we have worked on so far (Spanish town, Nightmare + Grime freestyle... wow and thats only WEEK2!!!). The we're going to move onto a new song which Metroddome has produced.... Pure SOUL VIBESSSSS!!!

Everyone is mega hyped about the new beat... the vibes are positive as always!!!

But before getting started it was brought to our attention that today is IDAHO (International day against homophobia) and we had an open group discussion about our thoughts and opinions. As always everyone had some really nice, positive things to say - Here's a summary of the Media Drop collectives thoughts on homophobia:

Until next time... Peace and love!

Media Drop collective